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Homegrown and homemade

Welcome to my French Village Kitchen. Food is an important part of our life in France and we are not only concerned with how it is produced, but with unnecessary food wastage too.

We are by no means self-sufficient, but we do grow a lot of fruit and vegetables, plus keep a goose, ducks and chickens for eggs and occasionally meat. This has inevitably led to our diet being far more seasonally influenced than when we lived in England. We are also far less wasteful than we used to be due to the effort and understanding that has gone into producing our food. 

When you grow your own there is the inevitable glut when everything is ready to pick at the same time, so I have become an experimental cook/kitchen inventor. Don't expect too much traditional French or English from me, but lots of frugal, fun and healthy ideas.

This page links to my favourite recipes as they feature in the blog, providing an easy reference point for me, and you too, if you fancy giving them a try.

Bon apetit.

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