Thursday, June 29, 2017

Book review of The Lost Girl by Carol Drinkwater

French Village Diaries book review The Lost Girl by Carol Drinkwater
The Lost Girl by Carol Drinkwater

My review today is for The Lost Girl by Carol Drinkwater, her brand new novel that is released today.

A missing daughter. A desperate Mother. The answers may lie in the past.

Kurtiz Ross has been emotionally dead inside since daughter Lizzie’s disappearance four years ago; trying to live with the repercussions of the choices she made in the events that led up to Lizzie leaving home. Paris has offered her and Lizzie’s Dad Oliver the hope of finding their daughter, when tragedy hits tearing the city apart.

Time ticks by slowly as we join Kurtiz in a bar, awaiting news from Oliver and all the while Carol’s writing gives a sense of anticipation, unease and a knowing feeling that something is about to happen. At the neighbouring table, a lonely old lady, seeking company, tries to engage Kurtiz in conversation. They have no idea of the opportunities that will open up from that fateful night and the support they would be able to offer each other in the future.

Interwoven with the physical pain of grief and shock felt when your world is falling down around you, is the love story of Charlie and Marguerite. Two lost souls living in desperate times that called for risks to be taken, who found comfort in each other, despite their very different ambitions and pasts neither wanted to share.

We live in a troubled world and this book highlights the pain and emotion of ordinary lives caught up in disaster. Carol is able to make the reader feel the intense tiredness of not sleeping, of trying to function for hour after hour, conveying the horror and helplessness of the situation. This is a gripping novel, whose theme and emotions will stay with you. It is a not an easy subject matter, but it’s sensitively and powerfully covered. Carol draws on her knowledge of Paris, Provence and the Middle East to give structure and strength to her characters and their lives before we meet them.

There is guilt, grief, despair and regret but also a perfectly formed ending that offers hope and a future Kurtiz could never allow herself to believe in.

You should add this book to your reading list this summer, but you will want to give it the time and concentration it deserves.
French Village Diaries book review The Lost Girl by Carol Drinkwater
The Lost Girl blog tour
The Lost Girl is published by Michael Joseph and is available in hardback and kindle versions from 29th June 2107. Links to Amazon can be found below.

You can follow Carol on Twitter here, at her website here and read my France et Moi interview with her here. To read my reviews of some of her other novels see the links below.

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