Sunday, November 5, 2017

Flower Delivery in France Flower Delivery in France French Village Diaries
Raina by
New to France,, are an online flower delivery service, who aim to safely deliver reasonably priced bouquets of flowers direct to your door, with no extra delivery cost. They kindly offered to send me the bouquet of my choice, delivered on the day of my choice, in exchange for this blog post.

Would the delivery driver find our village, on the allotted day? Would the flowers have survived their journey? Would the bouquet look like the website picture I’d chosen? These were all questions I was keen to find out and here are my honest answers: Flower Delivery in France French Village Diaries safe packaging
Deliveries here can be rather hit and miss, due to our slightly remote village location, but I’m pleased to report scored a big hit. Their online tracking service wasn’t very detailed, all I could glean was that my order was being processed and would be delivered between 8h00 and 20h00. I was up early and prepared for a long day of waiting, however, by 10h30 it had arrived. Top marks for you delivery driver Hipper; on more than one occasion I’ve waited in vain for three days for a delivery scheduled ‘today’. Flower Delivery in France French Village Diaries
Safely nestled inside
It was quite exciting having a huge box to open and I’m pleased to report the flowers inside were carefully packaged and double wrapped in cellophane, to ensure the water pocket kept the stems moist and flowers fresh in transit. Two flower heads fell off as I lifted it from the wrapping, but once it was in the vase you’d never notice. Flower Delivery in France French Village Diaries
My Raina bouquet
I’m no flower arranger, so I was delighted to see that once I’d unwrapped them, snipped off the base of the stem (as my Mum taught me) and put them in the vase, they relaxed into shape perfectly. All I needed to do was to add water and the plant food sachet they arrived with, and enjoy. Flower Delivery in France French Village Diaries website

I think you will agree from my photos that the comparison of the picture I’d selected from the website, with the bouquet I received is almost identical in every way and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the service.

I chose Raina, for it’s seasonal autumnal colour, and delivered to your door for 24.99€ (or £19.99 from their UK site), I think represents good value for money.

If you ever need/would like to send flowers to France just click here to see their full selection. For future reference you can also find them on the sidebar of the blog by clicking on Flower Delivery in France.

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