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Book review of Shooters by Julia Boggio

French Village Diaries book review Shooters by Julia Boggio
Shooters by Julia Boggio

Shooters by Julia Boggio


“The photography conference simmered with talent: those who had it, those who wanted it, and those who would always suck no matter how hard they tried. Stella Price wondered where she fell on that scale.”


Stella is determined to become a successful wedding photographer, even if it means learning from Connor Knight, a wedding shooter with sexy rock star status and an ego to match.


Burned by an affair that ended her last career, Stella should know better than to get entangled with Connor during a residential course in a romantic French chateau. But while his arrogance turns her off, his talent turns her on.


Their clashes lead to a whirlwind of passion, but Stella struggles to frame a future with a man who’s come to distrust “happily ever afters” and hides a softer side behind his image. Can Stella learn from her past mistakes and teach Connor about real love before he disappears from the picture?

French Village Diaries book review Shooters by Julia Boggio
Shooters by Julia Boggio


My Review


This book was a great fun read with lots of laughter and the added bonus of a French château as a backdrop for a lot of the action. 


Stella was vulnerable. Healing from a painful relationship situation, and not sure where her future lay, she threw herself into the competitive world of wedding photography, much to the displeasure of her parents. Her vulnerability just made me love her and the new adventures she found herself in even more. This book is packed with lots of hilarious, albeit embarrassing moments for poor Stella, coupled with great characters who sparked my interest, worked well together, and added entertainment to the story.


Connor was talented. He knew how to shine and how to get the best out of those around him, coming across at first, as too good to be true. Meeting Stella shifted something in him and while the chemistry between them sizzled, their very different personalities needed more than heat to make things work. Happiness and success are often linked and watching things play out between them, as they worked out what they wanted and needed, was pure entertainment. I still smile when I think back to some of their antics and can only imagine the situations the author has experienced in her real-life as a wedding photographer.


This is a book that will lift your spirits and give you the perfect escape from the dreariness we are all feeling as winter seems to drag on.


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French Village Diaries book review Shooters by Julia Boggio
Julia Boggio


Author Bio 


Originally from New Jersey, Julia Boggio moved to London in her early twenties. She worked as an advertising copywriter until discovering her love of photography on a 6-month trip around South America. She started a wedding photography business which received some great PR when her own Dirty Dancing-themed wedding dance went viral on YouTube. She appeared on Richard & Judy and The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she danced with Patrick Swayze. In 2009 she opened a luxury portrait studio and has photographed everyone from the Queen to Queen, the band. After 15 years as a photographer, she returned to her first love: writing. Julia Boggio books focus on strong female characters with real, complicated lives, delivered with humour and feel-good factor. 


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French Village Diaries book review Shooters by Julia Boggio
Shooters by Julia Boggio

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