Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Parrot in My Soup by Andy Frazier

I recently read two books from Andy Frazier (one straight after the other), A Parrot in My Soup and Who the Heck is Auntie Florette?   They are both a collection of snippets of Andy’s life in South West France and both make for enjoyable, easy reading.  Andy has a great sense of humour, maybe not to everyone’s taste (think Clarksonesque), but certainly to mine (and Ade’s).  Ade got so fed up of me chuckling away and constantly reading bits out to him that he decided to read them too and it is not often we have the same taste in books.

Despite him covering as many lows as highs in his life, I found both books to be very entertaining.  They are extracts of a column he writes, so written very much like a blog, which means you are carried along in Andy’s world (which often extends outside of France too), always wanting to know what comes next.  It was great having the second book to carry on after the first, but I was then left a little bereft when I finished, so hopefully it won’t be too long before he releases another one.  Although he does have plenty of other titles to keep me going!

I can also report that he is just as fun and friendly in real life, as when he heard we would be driving by on our Road Trip he invited us in for coffee.  He very generously gave Ed a signed copy of one of his children’s books Moulin which I am going to read too.  

I can recommend ‘A Parrot in My Soup’ and ‘Who the Heck is Auntie Florette’ especially for holiday reading, now summer is here.  With no complex plot or huge cast of characters you can easily pick up and put down whilst around the pool or while travelling, and you are sure to laugh at some of the things rural French living throws his way.

Happy reading.

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