Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Son of Serge Bastarde by John Dummer

Author John Dummer was kind enough to send me a copy of his second book Son of Serge Bastarde: Mayhem in the Antiques Markets of Rural France which I have really enjoyed reading.

John lives in a lovely area of South West France, an area I don’t know as well as I would like, but having read his book I’m determined to see more of.  Village life in rural France is full of wonderful characters, some you love, some you do your best to avoid and John’s life has all of this and more.  He and his wife Helen work the brocantes markets selling their English wares – china tea sets go down a storm apparently.  The other traders, English, French and Gypsy are a colourful lot and life with them gives John some great things to write about.  His main buddy Serge, who he introduces us to in his first book Serge Bastarde Ate My Baguette: On the Road in the Real Rural France: On the Road in Real Rural France suddenly reappears back on the brocante scene and has a son in tow.  The three of them have some great misadventures, often trying to fix situations Serge’s son has got him into.  I know I shouldn’t have laughed when John and Serge found themselves trapped in a skip with no mobiles, a need to pee and a bad back, but I couldn’t help it.  This book is very entertaining.

Thanks to John (and Serge) I also now know the identity of the winged ‘fairy’ we saw flying over the garden a few weeks ago; a Capricorn beetle who I hope stays well away from our roof timbers (worried), but at least I also know not to get Serge and John in to exterminate it!

I am really glad John has more tales to tell us of his life in France (with Serge).  Happy writing John.

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