Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Girl on Paper by Guillaume Musso

As part of my summer spent in the company of a good book and a sun lounger I have just read The Girl on Paper by Guillaume Musso, the number one bestselling author writing in French today.  Only I cheated and read it in English thanks to Gallic Books who bring the very best of French literature to English readers.

When author Tom Boyd is at his lowest, following a public break-up with his fiancée, he knows he will never write again and even living is proving hard work.  One night, a beautiful, naked stranger walks into his life, claiming to be a character from his novel, trapped in real life by a printing error.  Can she turn his life around and help rekindle the romance with his fiancée?  Can he write again and by doing so can he help get her back into the book?

This book is everything I ask for in a girlie fiction read; emotions and feelings by the bucket load, a love interest (or two) and a great story line – totally implausible in the real world, but believable when told by a good story teller.  I like a book to be able to take me away from the real world every now and then.  There is an exciting chase across the world that introduces other characters and snippets of their life.  These add an extra something to the story as a whole, and like any good chase it is full of ‘just got away’ scenarios that keep it moving at a great pace.  It even has a smattering of French characters and the magical city of Paris gets to play its part too.  A perfect holiday read.

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