Saturday, October 26, 2013

Accidents in the home

They say that most accidents happen in the home and that you should be aware of common dangers so they can be avoided. I wouldn’t say I was a particularly accident prone person, but yesterday I had a little mishap that resulted in a huge gash to my leg. But don’t panic Mum (if you are reading this) I survived, without medical intervention, to walk another day.

Yesterday was a busy one and as I munched my way through a hearty breakfast of shredded wheat, chopped apple and walnuts, I was busy planning what order to tackle the tasks on the to do list:

Ironing mountain – impossible to reach the summit in one day, but getting to the first viewing platform was my aim
Floor sweeping – to be tackled most days, but especially when the return of the husband is imminent
Pastry for a quiche
Dough for a homemade pizza night

However, before anything it was shower time. As Ade was due home running a brush through my hair and throwing on some clothes wasn’t acceptable. I was in full making an effort mode, hair washed and conditioned, legs shaved etc. and this is where it all went wrong. Somehow I managed to snag a nail while shaving my legs and no, I have no idea how. What I didn’t notice until it was too late was that the ripped nail had raised the blades on the razor so that when applied back to the leg – ouch! It is just as well the sight of blood doesn’t bother me, and although a broken nail, a huge plaster and half hairy legs wasn’t quite the look I was hoping for, I survived. Is this the most bizarre accident you have come across, or can you amuse me with something better?

The really cruel twist to all my efforts is that due to some rather horrid weather due to hit the north of France and south of UK tomorrow/Monday, I waved my man back off after morning coffee today – 18 hours home between jobs is not ideal, but we were both happier this way than him travelling during a storm with gale force winds. At least I have plenty of ironing to keep me busy, and lots of new books to read, including two exciting new pre-releases The People in the Photo and The Foundling Boy that arrived in the post today, thanks to the team at Gallic books.

French Village Diaries Autumn Clock Change
Clocks go back one hour
Don’t forget the clocks in our corner of Europe go back an hour tonight. In order to avoid me falling off a chair when trying to change the kitchen clock, Ade has already done it for me, and left me a helpful note to remind me that for today the clock is slow!

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