Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book review of Lovers in Paris by Andy Conway

french village diaries book review Lovers in Paris Andy Conway France

Christmas is now a hazy memory, New Year is rapidly approaching and I have the perfect solution to get you in the party mood; Lovers in Paris by Andy Conway, a collection of New Years Eve short stories set, unsurprisingly, mostly in Paris – the city of love. This book is a lovely mini-break in Paris and the great thing about short stories is the ability to pop in and out when time allows, although I had no trouble in turning the pages.

The couples in the stories are a good mix of different nationalities and their reasons for being in Paris are just as varied and while love is on their minds they don’t all buy into Paris truly being the city of love. There is romance, but this is not a soppy lovie-dovie book. We have first meets, unexpected get-back-togethers, disappointments, love at first sights, surprises and plenty of examples of fate taking a hand in the best laid plans. I enjoyed meeting the characters, reading the snippets of their lives and following their will-they-won’t-they relationships unfold and develop (or disintegrate) with a well-described Paris as a backdrop. Towards the end there is a lovely twist, which made a good collection of short stories even better. Unfortunately I can’t say anymore, as it would spoil it for you.

Lovers in Paris is available in ebook and paperback format and links to Amazon are below. Thanks to Andy for contacting me and sending me a copy of this book.

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