Monday, June 2, 2014

Sitting waiting

french village diaries dog walk deux sevres poitou charentes
The view from the dog walk this afternoon

I spent my morning in a quiet, sunny spot, waiting and planning. Today is a rare day, my diary is empty; no meetings, no taxi-ing Ed to appointments or lessons, no shopping, no magazine deliveries, no yoga class, no library duties and no English Conversation club. Today it is just my animals, my garden and me.

Whilst waiting for the morning dew to dry before I could mow I was planning my attack. Which bit of garden do I mow first? Should I lop the low hanging quince branches that get in the way when mowing now, or leave them for another day? The sun is out so maybe I should wash the dog bed? With over fifty eggs to use I must leave time to bake something, but what do I fancy?

I was also waiting for the postman. We have (another) new one and I'm not sure he knew where we live. We are set back from the road in a little square or 'impasse' and the helpful village plan lists it with an incorrect name! This has caused problems for couriers but never before for La Poste. However, we are waiting on customer cheques, packages we know have been despatched and other mail, but our post box has been empty for a whole week. I've enquired at the village boulangerie (font of all local knowledge and sub post office) to see if they can point him in our direction today. The dog walk would wait, I wanted to rush out when I saw his little yellow van, smile and greet him with a cheery bonjour, collect my packages and letters without him having to leave his van, thank him and wish him a bonne journée. If I'm friendly and helpful he might remember where we live and call again tomorrow.

With the excitement of a postal delivery over there was no time to sit back in my sunny spot until early this evening. Then, with a glass of rosé to celebrate I was pleased with what I've achieved  - washed the dog bed and sofa covers, lopped the quince trees, walked the dog and mown the front and back gardens. That will do for a day with nothing to do.

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