Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Book review of A Lady in France by Jennie Goutet

French Village Diaries A Lady in France reviewMy review today is for the beautifully written A Lady in France: A Memoir by Jennie Goutet. Jennie lives in France with her French husband and three children, but this is so much more than a new life in France book.

Jennie has led an amazing life. She was raised in the US in a multi-cultural family, has taught English in Asia, studied French in Paris, lived a corporate New York life and spent a year working in East Africa for her church before settling in France and raising her family. She is open and honest about the good and the bad times; including family loss and depression and talks about her religion, as it is a part of her, but without preaching. I will admit to being reluctant to start reading this memoir because of the religious content, but I was wrong. In talking openly about it she adds an extra dimension to her life and the memoir, but there is never any talk of her way being the only way.

Jennie has achieved so much in her life, had so many (good and bad) experiences and has helped people all over the world, but is sadly plagued by self-doubt and anxiety. Through this book she has shown me that it is possible for people with different cultures and religions to live in harmony and even enhance each other’s lives and that there is more to religion than war or conflict. I hope one day she is able to appreciate her achievements. I finished the book in tears and my only regret is that this book lingered on my kindle for far too long before I got around to reading it.

A Lady in France is available in ebook and paperback format and links to Amazon can be found below. You can also follow Jennie at her blog here.

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