Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Book review of The Road Trip by Susanne O'Leary

French Village Diaries book review The Road Trip Susanne O'Leary
The Road Trip by Susanne O'Leary

My review today is for The Road Trip, the latest novel by Susanne O’Leary, released this week.
If you had reached a time in your life when you weren’t happy with the way things were headed and you suddenly had the financial means to escape for a while, and a friend ready to join you, would you go?
This is the situation teacher Maddy finds herself in. Her kids have left home, her husband has a closer relationship with his golf clubs than with her and with the school lottery syndicate hitting the jackpot, she now has 200,000€ of her own, to do with what she chooses. Along with colleague Leanne, they hire a car, buy a designer capsule wardrobe and set off on a road trip from Ireland to the south of France, with lots of places they want to see on the way.
The characters of Maddy and Leanne are full of life with a little Irish mischief and the situations they find themselves in are often unexpected and come with a good pinch of fun and joie de vivre, but there is a touch of seriousness too. It becomes a journey of discovery where they learn a lot about themselves and their families along the way, so much so life will never be the same again, for either of them. They meet the eccentric and the good looking, but more importantly will they find the answers to unanswered questions from long ago?
I read the first half of this book in one sitting, it’s that good I just didn’t want to put it down and I’m so glad to hear there is to be more from Maddy and Leanne, very soon.
The Road Trip is published by Bookouture and is available in ebook and paperback format, links to Amazon can be found below.

Join me back here on Friday when Susanne will be answering my #FranceEtMoi questions.

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