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Lazy Sunday in France, book review of When Archie Met Rosie by Lynda Renham

#LazySundayinFrance book review When Archie Met Rosie Lynda Renham French Village Diaries
When Archie Met Rosie by Lynda Renham

Welcome to another #LazySundayinFrance and after partying in the village for the last two nights, I need a gentle, lazy day today. What could be better than the latest novel from Lynda Renham, When Archie Met Rosie, that not only has one of the prettiest covers but is also a cleverly written book.

We meet Rosie at a life-changing moment when her ordinary world is completely turned upside down. Paris, or rather the dream of Paris, becomes a little thread of hope that winds its way through some of her toughest days. As she is coming to terms with her new normal, a chance meeting with a family from a wealthier area unexpectedly leads to friendship and confidences that span generations. Archie is lonely following the death of his wife but would rather be on his own than be manipulated by his overbearing family. Meeting Rosie gives him much needed companionship and the possibility of a brighter future.

Written in the first person, with each chapter from the point of view of a different character, this book is a great glimpse into what goes on inside the heads of others. Lynda cleverly includes different ages from different backgrounds, all wanting different things from life and we learn their insecurities, regrets, hopes and dreams. She covers death, loneliness, debt and inheritance as well as family dynamic, age, affaires and virginity, but with humour too.  

I really enjoyed this book that highlights that we often don’t realise what we’ve got until it’s gone and I’m sure it’s one that will make you think, nurture your dreams of Paris and feel good inside. It would be a perfect companion to a lazy Sunday.

When Archie Met Rosie is available in ebook (currently only 99p) and paperback format and links to Amazon can be found below.

You can follow Lynda on her website, Twitter and Facebook and read all about her love of France in my interview with her here.

If you are a writer, blogger or run an independent business in France and have something you think would be ideal to be included in a future Lazy Sunday in France post, please do get in touch.

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