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Book review of Sophie Valroux's Paris Stars by Samantha Vérant

French Village Diaries book review Sophie Valroux's Paris Stars Samantha Vérant
Sophie Valroux's Paris Stars by Samantha Vérant

Sophie Valroux’s Paris Stars by Samantha Vérant


In the first book in this series, The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux, we left chef Sophie at the chateau in rural France she had inherited from her Grand-mère Odette (you can read my review here). A lot had changed in her life, in a short time, but I was hopeful she had found herself, and her home in France, and I was looking forward to following her adventures once more. 


Right from the start of Sophie Valroux’s Paris Stars, the changes and surprises continue to come at her thick and fast, and she finds herself pulled in different directions, leaving her unsure as to where her dreams lie. To take her mind off the grief of losing her Grand-mère, and her inner fears of settling down with her childhood sweetheart Remi, she throws herself into work at the chateau. 


It was great to be back in her kitchen, where I could almost smell and taste the dishes she lovingly creates – warning, this book should not be read on an empty stomach – but I was a little sad that she didn’t seem as happy and settled with her new life as she wanted to be. 


With her reputation spreading far beyond rural France, it wasn’t long before an offer to cook at a celebrity event in Paris arrives. With the backing of her team, but against Remi’s wishes, she knows she must focus on Paris, despite the many challenges. Sophie still has a lot to learn about herself, her Grand-mère, and Remi, but will Paris offer her the answers she is looking for? I have to say, I was with Remi here, shouting at the pages as if I could influence her decisions, although I did enjoy the glamour and drama Paris provided. 


This is a book that is easy to get stuck into, with great fun characters who left me with a huge smile on my face, as well as feeling like I was part of their chateau family. 

The sense of loyalty is heart-warming, the passion and emotions breath-taking, the food descriptions delicious; it tickled my tastebuds and so much more. 

We all need a luxury break from reality every now and then and this book gave me that. Now the nights are drawing in, I recommend treating yourself to a bit of escapism and fun in France with chef Sophie and her team. 


Samantha Vérant has also published two memoirs about her extraordinary love affair with France and her Frenchman.


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