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Book review of Toujours la France! by Janine Marsh

French Village Diaries book review Toujours la France! Janine Marsh
Toujours la France! by Janine Marsh

Toujours la France!: Living the Dream in Rural France (The Good Life France) by Janine Marsh


Following on from her hugely popular books, My Good Life in France and My Four Seasons in France, ex-pat Janine Marsh shares more heart-warming and entertaining stories of her new life in rural France. 


Since giving up their city jobs in London and moving to rural France over ten years ago, Janine and her husband Mark have renovated their dream home and built a new life for themselves, adjusting to the delights and the peculiarities of life in a small French village. 


Including much-loved village characters such as Mr and Mrs Pepperpot, Jean-Claude, Claudette and the infamous Bread Man, in Toujours la France! Janine also introduces readers to some new faces and funny stories, as she and Mark continue their lives in this special part of northern France. With fantastic food, birthday parties, rural traditions old and new – Jean-Claude introduces snail racing to the village – and trouble with uninvited animals, there is never a quiet moment in the Seven Valleys. 


French Village Diaries book review Toujours la France! Janine Marsh
Toujours la France! Janine Marsh Love Books Tours

My Review

Welcome to more adventures of Janine’s Good Life in France – yippee! Dipping into the pages of this latest memoir you will get to enjoy village life and experience the strong community she and husband Mark are well and truly a part of. However, hers is not just a rural life with her farmyard family and French neighbours, this book is also full of tales of Janine’s adventures further afield, that come her way working for various tourist offices in France. Cleverly woven into her daily life are lots of delicious snippets of history, culture, traditions and regional gastronomical delights. These not only added interest, but will, I am sure, feed any Francophile addiction and many certainly made me laugh as I was reading. You will probably also pick up enough French trivia to entertain your friends or even win a prize or two at a pub quiz.


It is always nice to read about life in France, knowing that the author gets French life like I do and understands it is the quirky differences between our cultures that makes living here so special. This is a gentle memoir of everyday life and drama, with lots of humour, but nothing too emotionally draining – it was just what I needed to relax with, and distract me from the weird weather we have been experiencing in my part of rural France lately.


This book will open your eyes to a different France from Paris, Provence or the Côte d’Azur. It will make you want to travel more, chose the regions that are often overlooked, and slow down to ensure you spend the time to really get to know the area, the people and in doing so, experience the real France.


I have now enjoyed all three memoirs from Janine, and I’d be happy to read more.


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Author Bio

Janine Marsh lives in northern France with her husband and myriad pets. 


She is unable to resist a stray animal, and the word is out. She works from a converted pigsty when she’s not travelling around France doing research for her website, which tells you everything you need to know about France and more. 


She gave up a sensible job in London, where she was born, to renovate a bargain-basement barn and turn it into a home – an ongoing project. She is an award-winning travel writer and social media fan who loves to share her life, explorations and photos on Facebook at The Good Life France.


You can find Janine on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and read her latest The Good Life France online Magazine here.


You can read my reviews of her previous books here:

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