Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebrating Christmas French Style

Six weeks today is Christmas day.  I will admit that I have done a little bit of pressie shopping, but I haven’t yet thought about writing the cards.  However, I have made the mincemeat for the mincepies and as I don’t bother with the traditional pudding or cake I don’t think I’m doing too badly, but what about something for me?  

There is always a small stack of books on my Amazon Wish List and to make the reading of my ebooks and the France Travel Magazine App easier I have been thinking along the lines of an iPad or a Kindle.  But real inspiration struck when flicking through the publicity catalogues that our post lady kindly litters our letterbox with every week.  If you look closely at the picture above you will see that for the bargain price of 3.99€ I could be the proud owner of a Christmas bikini (one size fits all) or if I’ve been a really good girl for 11.99€ a five piece Sexy Christmas costume could be mine!  Just think of the fun we could have if I treat Ade to the Santa hat with beard at 4.99€ as well, now why does that make me think of a Carry on Film?  The fact that in December temperatures in rural France can be well into the minus figures obviously didn’t put the retail buyers off!  Happy Christmas shopping everyone and I hope this has given you some ideas Ho! Ho! Ho!

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