Monday, November 26, 2012

The big health check

It started with a new mole on my back and a simple visit to my doctor to get a referral letter to a dermatologist.  However our doctor is nothing if not thorough and after waiting the obligatory half an hour to be seen, she starts off with taking my blood pressure, which is thankfully normal, then she listens to my chest, lots of deep breathing required, but again, everything is normal.  She then does a breast examination with her cold hands that she does apologise for in advance, no problems found and then with a glint in her eye she mentions the dreaded ‘S’ word.  It appears it is time for another smear test - gulp.  At least this time there is no student doctor shadowing her.

As I leave with the letter to give to a dermatologist and the carefully packaged smear to post to the laboratory I also seem to have been given a prescription to take with me to the blood test centre for a set of bloods.  This is why I found myself in Melle rather early on a cold, foggy Monday morning, munching a croissant (it was a fasting blood test) and walking the dog.  I had hoped for a blue sky, sunshine and crisp golden leaves crunching underfoot, type of day.  Instead I got wet, slippery leaves with an eerie mist and a day cold enough to wear a coat.  Never mind, it still looked beautiful, Mini had a great time and I’ve had my full body check up.

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