Thursday, December 20, 2012

Angels of Paris by Rosemary Flannery book review

Welcome back to Paris week, one of the (many) beautiful things about Paris, for me, is her architecture and I think it is no understatement to describe her as beautiful. Here is a little known fact about me, I am the sort of person that enjoys walking around cities without looking where I’m going, as I love looking at the tops of buildings, balconies, windows, shutters and rooftops. Strange but true, and I love that I see beautiful things some people don’t see. I now know I am not the only one as Rosemary Flannery has written a book called Angels of Paris: An Architectural Tour Through the History of Paris. Published by The Little Bookroom, New York, this little hardback book with it’s pretty powder blue cover is an architectural tour of Paris and the many angels that are there if you look for them. An original idea that makes a perfect, unusual gift for any lover of Paris. Rosemary has lived in France since 1989, has dual French-American nationality and enjoys sharing her views of Paris through the media and by giving tours.

Macaron Angels, Angels of Paris by Rosemary Flannery

I have spent many an interesting coffee break dipping in and out of this book. I flick through, stop at a photograph that catches my eye and have a read. Each angel has an address that handily includes their local Metro stop, and a short description of why they are where they are. Most of the angels have just over a page of text, so nothing is too heavy or in depth and the quality of pictures is excellent. My favourites were the Macaron Angels above the Boulangerie-Patisserie Maison Keyser in the 5th arrondissement. These two cheeky chappies set above the shop façade are pouring down chocolate and vanilla macarons. The Rococo Angels to be found at the Presbytery Church of St Merry reminded me of young boys planning a prank raid on the balcony above them, “you go first”, “no, you first, I’ll follow you”.

Rococo Angels, Angels of Paris by Rosemary Flannery

This book is small, but hardback, so unless you were travelling very light it would easily fit in your luggage. It will be with me next time I am in Paris, but it is also just at home on the coffee table, ready and waiting for a quick five-minute mini-getaway. Don’t forget, next time you are in Paris, don’t just look where you are going, look up too and you will be amazed by what you see.

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