Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

This week has been a busy one and with a BIG event in the village tomorrow (a charity meal for over 100 people that I am helping to organise) it is not over yet. 

Earlier in the week I met some lovely local ladies at a blogging/social media session run by another local blogger Emma, (you can read her blog here). As online socialising is something I find much easier than face to face socializing I was a little bit out of my comfort zone to begin with, but I am so glad I went. It was really nice to meet the people behind the Facebook page or blog and an added bonus was that I received some lovely comments about French Village Diaries that made me blush. If any of you new bloggers just happen to be reading this then thank you and please contact me if you think I can be of any help.

Ade and I have also had an exciting time in Poitiers, our local (one hours drive away) big town, where we pretty much managed to finish the Chirsitmas present shopping, and by the beginning of December too. This is a first, but as I still need to write the cards I can’t be too smug just yet. 

If you are still looking for some Christmas ideas my friend Jeannie at Belle Fusion has some lovely handmade glass pieces and she is running a competition on her Facebook page (see here). For all of you book lovers, here is a cheeky little Christmas present ideas link, if you are looking for some inspiration.

SSell the Pig

Assuming I survive the Téléthon ‘do’ tomorrow night I will let you know all about it in my next post, please keep your fingers crossed, thank you.

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