Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book review of One Last Trip to Paris by Jacqueline Harmon Butler

French Village Diaries Book Review One Last Trip to  Paris by Jacqueline Harmon ButlerOne Last Trip to Paris by Jacqueline Harmon Butler tells the story of Julie Taylor and her move to Paris. The theme is a little depressing as Julie has been diagnosed with an incurable brain aneurysm so decides to sell her successful company in Silicon Valley and aims to enjoy her last six months in Paris. Thankfully she has friends there, Ernesto and Bill, and let’s face it every girl needs a gay dress designer friend in Paris when their bank account is full and their days are numbered. Together the three friends enjoy meals out, nights at the opera and tango dancing on the banks of the Seine. All is perfect, apart from the shadow of death hanging over Julie. I was compelled to read more in the same way I’m compelled to read news articles on disasters – please tell me I’m not alone here?

This is one of those books where the more I read, the more I was drawn in and wanted to find out what would happen, before the obvious conclusion to Julie’s life. This was especially so when things are spiced up with the arrival of Laurent, a very sexy Frenchman and things get a little complicated.

It is a little ‘over-wordy’ in it’s writing style and not all of the characters worked for me, but the story kept my interest, the love and passion touched my heart and the descriptions of Paris, Provence and Lourdes I thought were brilliant. Oh, yes, Lourdes, home of the miracle cure gets a mention, but you will have to read the book to find out why and what fate has in store for Julie.

One Last Trip to Paris is available in paperback and ebook format priced at £1.97 and links to can be found below. 

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