Friday, April 25, 2014

Book review of The French for Always by Fiona Valpy

French Village Diaries book review The French for Always Fiona Valpy Bordeaux FranceToday is the release day for The French for Always , Fiona Valpy’s second novel set in the Bordeaux region of France and before I go any further I must say this book is one of my top tips for a holiday MUST read this year – you heard it here first!

I am the sort of reader who experiences a tingle of excitement when I discover an author whose work I enjoy has a new release pending. The tingle was so strong when The French for Always popped onto my Kindle that I just had to have a quick peek. How silly of me! I ended up deeply immersed and unable to put it down.

Set in a chateau among the Bordeaux vineyards we meet Sara, a very likeable character but a bit of an emotional wreck. Her fiancé has deserted her and their wedding business mid season, leaving her to put on a brave face and carry on making dreams come true for five happy couples. She also has a lot of family trauma from the past that she’s never really dealt with which is bubbling just under the surface. With no real roots, she feels she belongs at the chateau, but without Gavin she must face the prospect of having to sell it.

This book transported me to Sara’s chateau and as the guest at a great mix of weddings, under a blue sky with plenty of sunshine, I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed every page. Each of the couples and families we meet bring their own idea of love to the book and brought the odd wedding tear to my eyes too. What more could I ask for in a bit of novel escapism? Well, there is always a sexy Frenchman who could come to her rescue, just like in a good fairytale, but although vigneron Thomas steps in to help out, he has dreams of his own that involve getting as far away from Bordeaux as possible.

It was also lovely to catch up with some of the characters from The French for Love , Fiona’s first book, who play a cameo role in this book. This was a nice little tie in and now I want another book please Fiona. You can read my review of book one here.

Thank you to Bookoutre for my review copy. The French for Always is available in paperback and ebook format, links to Amazon can be found below.

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