Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book review of Naked in the Wind by Shirley Ledlie

My review today is for Naked in the Wind: Chemo, hairloss and deceit by Shirley Ledlie. This memoir is Shirley’s story of her battle with a French drug company when the combination of chemotherapy drugs she was given for her breast cancer left her with an unpleasant side effect. Having come through the cancer treatment and at a time when life should have been getting back to normal she was told some devastating news that would change her life forever.

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This is a very personal journey full of raw emotions, anger and pain; it is not an easy story to read, but it is one that needs to be shared. Shirley came across as a very strong lady who stuck to her guns and stood up to the big boys when most people would have crawled into a corner and cried. She may have shed many tears, but she has also bravely bared her soul in order to tell the world the facts and risks that the drug company and experts wanted to keep hidden. Alongside the difficult times Shirley shares stories from the happier days when her family had just begun their new life in France, which were very entertaining.

Writing can be very therapeutic and I hope that writing this book has helped Shirley emerge from the dark and lonely place where she found herself battling not just physical and emotional symptoms but a team of corporate lawyers too. This was a very inspiring and page turning book that women all over the world should read.

Naked in the Wind: Chemo, hairloss and deceit is available in paperback and ebook format. If you are quick, the ebook is reduced to only 99p (99c in the US) for this week only, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Please do share this book with your friends, thank you. 

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