Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's October already

Hey, has anyone else realised it’s almost the end of the first weekend in October already? Not only was I was not ready for September to start; it now appears to have been and gone in a flash without me realising. Before I know it Christmas will be upon us and 2014 will be history. Does anyone else feel like life speeds up the older you get or is it just me?

French Village Diaries September France Birthday
My birthday drinks
Looking back, September did happen and I have loads of photos to prove what a busy month it was. Ed was happy to get back to start his last year at secondary school, an important year when he will sit his brevet exams and have to decide where he will go and what he will study at Lycee. Ade was less happy to get back to work in the UK, but to soften the loneliness for me, Mum and Dad were here for a week to celebrate my birthday. 

With all the comings and goings there were lots of airport runs that proved to be good excuses to get out of the village and see some city life. Bordeaux was her usual elegant and warm self, welcoming us back with open arms. We cycled in from the lake on the outskirts of town on the super networks of cycle lanes, picnicked in the shade by the river and enjoyed an afternoon of sightseeing.
French Village Diaries September France Bordeaux cycling
Picnic in Bordeaux

French Village Diaries September France Bordeaux cycling
Sightseeing in Bordeaux

Angouleme offered us some real excitement when we spent the day at the Circuit des Remparts, the annual road race for vintage cars that takes place in the old town, see here for some photos. Limoges however was not so exciting. It is a city we had never been to before, although Ade regularly uses the airport, so when I had to collect him at 9.30am one morning we decided a day trip would be a good idea. Unfortunately the weather was a little wet and although we spent a lovely time in a café catching up, we took no photos and came away feeling it was just a grey city. Maybe we missed the best bits?

The garden and orchard have moved seamlessly from summer to autumn. Yesterday I made my last batch of sweet courgette relish, one of my favourites, the tomatoes are finished and tonight it will be the last homemade pizza to contain perfect rounds of buttery sautéed courgettes for a few months. However when one season ends another begins and I am busy picking walnuts and being just as creative with the squash recipes as I was with the courgettes ones. Grated squash certainly makes a delicious chocolate cake, see here.

French Village Diaries September France Birthday Walnuts
2014 Walnut harvest

With the return of a ‘normal’ term time routine, I am also back to taxi-ing Ed to his various after school music lessons and trying to ensure the meetings for things I’m involved in with the village don’t clash. Being on the council is interesting, but it’s proving a challenge to my already poor organisational skills, especially those weeks when there is something on every evening. Thankfully my yoga classes have also started back, giving me a whole morning every week of me time and the luxury of total relaxation. What do you enjoy doing to relax?  

French Village Diaries September France Autumn
Autumn colours

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