Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book review of French Holidays and Traditions by Margo Lestz

It is the twelfth day of Christmas and the end of my Twelve Days review series, but don’t worry I still have plenty of books set in France to share with you this year.

French Village Diaries book review French Holidays and Traditions Margo Lestz
French Holidays and Traditions by Margo Lestz
I thought it would be appropriate to finish this series with French Holidays & Traditions by Margo Lestz as this book starts with explaining the traditions behind the Galette des Rois that is eaten all over France today, but do you know what is different about the galette that is made for the President? I do, thanks to Margo.

This isn’t a long book, but it is an informative and a witty one. I learnt a lot, as despite knowing about most of the traditions behind the holidays, I didn’t always know where they had come from and why, and now I do. Written month by month and covering all public holidays, fêtes and other French traditions, this book is interesting, humorous and illustrated with funny cartoons. If you want to know about sticky paper fish, flying church bells and kissing bare bottoms, (and if you live in France or want to, you should know these things), this book will enlighten and entertain you. I've even learnt things that some of my French neighbours didn't know!

This book is the first in a series of curious histories and I can’t wait to read more from Margo. You can follow her blog here and find her on Twitter too. French Holidays & Traditions is available in ebook and paperback format and links to Amazon are below. I was sent a copy of this book by Margo for an honest review.

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