Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Sunday morning coffee and croissant

French Village Diaries celebrating Bialetti coffee and real French croissants
Coffee and a croissant

My Sunday mornings are all about freshly brewed coffee and a real French croissant, both of which have been in the news this week.

French Village Diaries celebrating Bialetti coffee and real French croissants
The croissant debate
UK supermarket Tesco has made a controversial decision this week that has had quite some coverage in the press and on social media (see here). The humble croissant will no longer be made in the ‘traditional’ crescent shape by Tesco as shoppers have declared straight ones are easier to spread with jam. What a funny world we live in; this story headlined the British, Irish and French news and possibly further afield too. I also have a few words to say about this story. Firstly, who in their right mind would soil a perfect buttery croissant by spreading it with jam? Nightmare! It is almost as shocking as dunking it in your coffee. Secondly, look closely at my real French village croissant in the photo above. Shock! It’s not crescent shaped and in the eleven and a half years we have lived here and bought croissants from the village boulangerie, they never have been. And, do you know what? They still taste delicious and will always be my special treat on a Sunday morning, so give Tesco a break; there are far more important things to worry about in the world.

Also in the news this week was the story of an unusual funeral that took place in Italy (see here). A 93-year-old man, who I’d never met, but have cause to thank everyday, was laid to rest in a coffee pot. A coffee pot a little larger than mine, but otherwise identical, for this man was Italy’s coffee pot king, Renato Bialetti. The simple aluminium octagonal coffee pot was designed and patented by his father Alfonso in 1933, but it was Renato who dedicated his life to ensuring their coffee pot became a kitchen ‘must-have’ for families all over the world, bringing quality coffee to the home. Thank you Renato, I wouldn’t want to be without my Bialetti and have even been known to take it away on holiday. May you rest in peace and I’ll be raising my daily coffee cup in your memory.

Whatever the shape of your croissant, or preference for jam or no jam, I hope you have a peaceful Sunday.

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