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Book review of Love Thirty by Jill Barry

French Village Diaries book review Love Thirty Jill Barry
Love Thirty by Jill Barry
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 15 February 2018
Publisher: Endeavour Media

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French Village Diaries book review Love Thirty Jill Barry
Love Thirty Brook Cottage Books Blog Tour
French Village Diaries book review Love Thirty Jill Barry
Jill Barry
Jill Barry enjoys drawing upon some of her favourite job and holiday experiences for her books. Her romantic novels and novellas have been published digitally and in paperback as well as large print and pocket novel format. Currently, she’s working on the first book of a trilogy highlighting the lives and loves of three women. She critiques for other romantic novelists and runs creative writing sessions for students at an online high school.

Georgia Lyle is an ambitious journalist when she interviews hopeful British tennis player Nick Pereira. It’s game, set and match, and soon wedding bells chime. At first the couple try to balance their careers, but eventually Georgia quits her job to tour with her husband. When she finds it impossible to continue being a tennis wife, the two split, but remain in touch as Nick moves to Australia to coach and Georgia begins a new career as a lifestyle and food writer. Soon she’s jetting off to Paris to film a series with some very famous chefs, including Frenchman Jean Luc, who is quite smitten with her. But Yasmin, his right hand woman, has other ideas on that score. Everyone thinks Nick and Georgia regret giving up on their marriage. But how does Georgia learn to love reaching thirty and how do two stubborn people admit they were wrong and reunite?
With all the back and forth of a Wimbledon final, Love Thirty is a lively romance set among the gentle green of England and the quirky restaurants of France.

My review
It was the entente cordiale with the French chef in Paris that tickled my taste buds about this book, not so much the tennis, but I soon found there was a lot more to it, despite a slightly slow start. Georgia is a very likeable character; energetic, organised and loyal, but she finds being a wife with no career is not the life for her. With a tough decision, a lot of hard work, and support from some good friends (I particularly loved Andy), she turns her life around. There were times I wanted to be Georgia, not when she was married to a good-looking tennis pro, with the luxury lifestyle, but because her food writing career made me a little envious, especially as her frugal, less-waste food ideas mirror my own.

Nick is focussed and driven, as any world-class champion needs to be, and to begin with this is to the exclusion of Georgia and her needs, although he does eventually realise the error of his ways. I loved the chemistry between Georgia and Nick, phew, temperatures certainly rose a few degrees here, but it seemed they were destined to be the ultimate example of a can’t live with you, can’t live without you couple.

Paris was an exciting adventure for Georgia, for more than one reason, and having given up so much to support her husband it was lovely to see her turn her life around and realise there was more than one new beginning opening up for her.

There were a few moments where I guessed where things were going, but there were also plenty of cleverly hidden gems and a great supporting cast of characters that kept the plot moving, and not always in the direction I expected.

This book will make a great addition to your summer holiday reading list this year.


“Is there a window for romance in your hectic schedule?”
The ticking of the silver carriage clock on the mantelpiece sounded like a conductor tapping his baton on the music stand. Georgia forgot to breathe.
Nick relaxed against the cushions. “I’ve no particular wish to play mixed doubles.”  His eyes sparkled with mischief.
“Humour me. I want to connect with both female and male readers.” She released her most beguiling smile, determined to win the point.
A muscle twitched in his cheek. “The answer to your question is, not at the moment. Certainly not until I’m a top ten player.”
It was as if tiny fingers tapped their way down Georgia’s spine. His eyes told her his own comment had surprised him. Maybe it was the first time he’d confided his ambition. This made her heartbeat quicken though she realised there was no way Nick Pereira was media-savvy. By the end of this interview her squiggles would cover several pages and he probably prayed her article wouldn’t earn him too much flak from the guys in the locker room. He was a relatively minor British athlete, aiming to prove himself by actions not words.
Ignoring those amazing eyelashes and trying not to wonder what he was like with his shirt off, she challenged him with a drop shot. “How will you cope with the tabloids? They pounce on home grown players. Can you deal with that pressure-cooker situation as well as Andy Murray does?”
Nick hitched one long leg over the other and gazed up at the crystal chandelier. Georgia focused on the silky dark tuft at the open V of his shirt. Prayed the photos would prove finger-licking enough to make readers rush to buy the weekend paper.

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