Friday, March 23, 2018

Springing back into life

French Village Diaries Springing back into life courgette
Courgette seedlings
When I look back on photos taken or blog posts written at this time of year, I find there are lots of similarities. The first fruit tree blossoms, the first flowers in the hedgerows, the first swallows on the telephone lines and the first vegetable seeds germinated, all signs of new life that make an appearance every year.

It is also a time of year when I feel like I am springing back into life once more, even though I hadn’t actually realised I was hibernating. Slowly my desire to write has come back as well as my need to get my fingers dirty and sow some seeds (although sadly the need to get out and weed hasn’t arrived just yet). I have washed the winter sofa throws, that smelled of dog, and even cleaned the kitchen windows, although the main spring cleaning so far has been limited to a bit of sprucing up of the blog, adding a few new bits here and there. My new Lazy Sunday in France feature is proving to be really popular and I have plenty of guest posts from exciting authors lined up for the coming months, and in other bloggy news, I was delighted to be included in the Top 100 French Blogs and the Top 45 Europe Expat Blogs.

The extra hours of daylight, the warmer temperatures and the fact my first courgette seeds have germinated, all makes me feel better. The lawnmower is primed with fuel and just waiting for the perfect afternoon to make the first cut. I always think there is something quite soothing and comforting about the distant hum of lawnmowers around the village; a sound of summer even if I know the cold and wet days are not quite finished with us yet.

Cycling is another thing that has been neglected this winter and the few rides we have done have been cold and slow ones that I haven’t really enjoyed. I am waiting for a bit more warmth in the air before I venture out again, but I had to laugh when I read a post I’d written exactly five years ago today. It was an early spring bike ride and although many things have changed in five years; my bike, my cycling clothes and my helmet, it would seem my fitness hasn’t improved at all. You can read the full post by clicking here, but this was the bit that made me laugh:

“Mr Super-Ski-Fit was quite a nag; "Do you think you can go any faster?" (No, or I would be!). "If I go any slower I will fall off" (Oh well). "Keeping up OK?" (Yes thanks, so long as I can go at my pace). Nothing in my life is measured on how fast I can get somewhere or do something - life for me is all about the journey. How I managed 80km in a day on Ile de Ré last year I have no idea. But I do know I have a long way to go before I could do that sort of distance again. Oh winter I hate that you make me wobbly and unfit.”

To be fair I did ensure Adrian was well aware that just buying me a new (and better) bike, wouldn’t magically turn me into a new and better cyclist, but the last time we went out cycling, the conversation we had was pretty much identical and I certainly feel wobbly and unfit once again.
French Village Diaries Springing back into life
Baby Ed 2001

Despite many things staying the same, 2018 is already proving to be a year of changes. Ed is now on the final countdown to his Bac exams and finishing school, his university application file has been completed and we are already looking at accommodation for him for September. The real world is beckoning and as luck would have it real work has come knocking at my door, so it seems appropriate that after over 17 years, my life as a stay-at-home Mum will come to an end next week.

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