Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silent Sunday

It has been a mixed week here, Wednesday saw our first snowfall of the winter, Thursday was clear and bright, but more snow and ice on Friday followed by a very wet Saturday and another dusting of white this morning. Ed managed a long weekend as there was no school bus on Friday and Ade survived a week in Belfast where he could see petrol bombs and car fires from his office window, but despite the weather was only two hours delayed on his flight home. Today we are enjoying being back together. Here are a selection of pics from this week.

A perfect January harvest from the garden

Looking forward to sowing these

Mini in the snow

Time for tea

Snowy fields one day

Sunshine and deer the next day

Soup keeps us warm


  1. Great pictures. I love topinambur and it grows so well here.

    1. Thanks Kerry, I love them too, mainly as they take care of themselves in the garden!


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