Sunday, May 5, 2013

Silent Sunday

Welcome to another week in pictures - bike rides, bees, books and baring all!

Silent sunday photos bike rides Charentes churches
A local church visited on a bike ride

Silent sunday photos fields French village diaries
Cycling past the colza fields, so bright and cheery

french village diaries silent sunday photos bees
When bees invade the bedroom
Although not a swarm we were invaded by quite a few large clusters of bees in our bedroom. It was so sad to see as they were very weak and many of them have died. We moved out for the night and left the windows open in the hope that those that were able could fly off, but I don't think many have made it. The blossom trees have been alive with bees, so I have always thought we had a good bee population here. Although we have had bee trouble with moving swarms before I have never witnessed so many dead bees.

French village diaries silent sunday photos dog
Dog on the bed
Mini was delighted the bees resulted in us sleeping in the downstairs guest bedroom and couldn't contain her excitement, leaping through the open window and flying across the floor to land on the bed.

French village diaries silent sunday books photos
Perfect afternoon, sun lounger and books
May seemed to start off as Grey May but now the weather has picked up I indulged in a lovely afternoon of relaxation.

French village diaries silent sunday photos world naked gardening day
World Naked Gardening Day
Well, as a bit of fun I posted this picture to Facebook to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day (first Saturday in May). I have shown more flesh in pictures of me in vest top and shorts, but in 24 hours this 'naked' picture has been shared by almost 100 people and viewed by over 9000 - not bad when the page has 2600 likes!


  1. Goodness that was brave of you! Even if it does show less that vest top and shorts - I won't allow pictures of me in those either!

    1. Thanks Victoria! My philosophy is that if you can't have a laugh in life it is rather sad, and I thought this was great fun :)


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