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Book review of Je T'Aime, Me Neither by April Lily Heise

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Je T'Aime Me Neither
This week for BookWormWednesday we are heading to Paris for a fun look at young love and summer flings in my review of Je T'Aime, Me Neither by April Lily Heise.

This book is a memoir of a young, single girl looking for a summer fling in Paris, the City of Love. How hard can it be? Well actually not as easy as she imagined and she finds herself stumbling from one amourous misadventure to another. Whilst I enjoyed the experience of entering a lifestyle so different to my own, this book provoked many different emotions as I read it. I laughed at the fun descriptions she writes about her party lifestyle but was also wide eyed at the disastrous dates with dodgy guys in dingy apartments and sometimes even dangerous situations she finds herself in. I felt old too as I realised I was thankful my comfortable married life in rural France seemed so much easier than the heady excitement available to young expats in Paris.

To start with I liked the fact that each chapter began with a text message from a different date, but with lots of referring back to previous meets with different men in various bars I couldn’t keep up! I totally lost track of who was who and where they had been, something I can only put down to an old forty-something brain that even when it was part of a young body never had so many men to remember.

Please note, if you are a Mother of a daughter already in Paris or who wants to move to Paris, don’t read this book as it’s probably best you don’t know what she is likely to get up to. However if your dream is to spend some time alone in Paris you will love it.

You can read more about Lily at her website here and she will be joining me again on Friday for my France et Moi feature. Thanks for sending me a copy of your book and letting me peek at your lifestyle Lily. Je T'Aime, Me Neither is available in paperback and ebook format and links to can be found below.

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