Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Love Fruit

French Village Diaries Home grown fruit strawberries orchard
Strawberries, my favourite fruit

When the first strawberry of the season is ripe enough to pick I'm in love with it's scent, texture and sweet juicy flavour.

French Village Diaries Home grown fruit raspberries orchard
Raspberries, my favourite fruit

When the first raspberry bursts in my mouth I remember raspberries truly are my favourite fruit.

French Village Diaries Home grown fruit cherries orchard
Cherries, my favourite fruit

But there is nothing tastier than a sun warmed cherry, ripened to an almost black colour, picked and eaten in the orchard.

French Village Diaries Home grown fruit plums pears orchard
Plums and Pears, my favourites too

Hooray! The plums are ripe and I can't get enough of their sweet jam-like flavour and texture.

It's pear picking time too. These firm but juicy beauties with a delicate flavour that melt in your mouth, I'm sure they must be my favourite.

I may not be decisive but I do know I just love growing my own fruits (and vegetables too). Now to the kitchen where 22kg of home grown produce is awaiting my attention - that will make a lot of jams, soups, sauces and chutneys!


  1. With you all the way. Ad lets not forget the other beauties to such as the elder And blackberries too at this time of year. Cooking opportunities for you and painting opportunities for me! Privileged! B

    1. Oh yes, we are very privileged indeed. Happy painting Bix.

  2. What a great post to wake up to on Sunday morning! I think I'll make a circuit of the farm stands around here.

  3. I understand completely! I love fruit, too, and just can't seem to decide which fruit I love the most. That's a wonderful dilemma to be in, in my opinion!

  4. What a busy bee you're going to be! I take it you've got the space to store all your jars and frozen goodies too.

    1. Sarah you should see my stash of jars and other useful plastic boxes, hundreds probably comes close. Thankfully we have an attached barn with more kitchen units than in the kitchen, all for my secret storage!


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