Saturday, August 31, 2013

Energy and Power

We've been out on the bikes again, roughly following the Charente Velo Circuit 34c, but as this is a 60km circuit from Mansle 16230, we sneakily cut off a corner, although still completing an acceptable 48km. But there was a problem. I have cycled further, with more hills and in hotter weather, but I really struggled today. There could be many reasons for this, one of which is having exhausted myself on Friday doing the back to school shop at a hypermarket in Big Town - so much more stressful than the normal weekly shop in our local town, but I survived, just. However the experience did leave me so tired it was 9.20am before I opened an eye this morning, something almost unheard of for me. This resulted in a late breakfast, so I decided on a light fruit only snack followed by morning coffee to be back on track for lunch. 

I'm guessing that my head wasn't quite with it as despite a plan for an afternoon cycle ride and a small breakfast, we only had a ham sandwich for lunch rather than our normal bike ride picnic of tinned fish and wholemeal pasta. That was a lesson learnt and a mistake not to be repeated. Good energy food is power and essential if you are cycling and I was so glad we had muesli bars and walnuts to nibble on this afternoon.

The route we took happened to pass through the area that was directly in the path of the storm that hit our area a month ago. Whilst we may have had a restless night, what we experienced was nothing compared to what we saw today. The power of nature was visible all around, but especially in the wooded areas that had been left totally devastated by the storm. It was a very humbling experience.

Charente storms power of nature
The bent trunks following the storm last month

Charente storms power of nature
The power of nature

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