Thursday, February 19, 2015

Found in a car park in France, All About France Blog hop

Today is the first day of the first ever #AllAboutFrance blog link up run by my online friend Phoebe at Lou Messugo. This will be a monthly event and is open to anyone who has ever blogged about anything French; links to old posts are as welcome as new posts. Phoebe’s idea is to bring together the online community and in time create a resource about all things French. If you like reading about France do click on the image below and hop over to read some of the other posts, I will be.

Lou Messugo

I could have linked to any of my informative posts on life in France, but as it’s almost the end of the week and for us, the start of the two-week school holiday is just a sniff away, I thought a fun picture post would be just perfect. Over the years I’ve spotted many different things popping up in French car parks, some things have made me smile, some are great ideas and some of them are just rather French. Here are my favourites:

French Village Diaries #AllAboutFrance blog linky France Baguettes
Car park boulangerie
Not all villages in France are lucky enough to have their own boulangerie, but it is now becoming common to see car park vending machines selling fresh baguettes, stocked by a local boulangerie. A Frenchman loves his bread and it must be very reassuring to know that a baguette is now available day or night without having to travel too far.  

French Village Diaries #AllAboutFrance blog linky France raw milk
Car park milk cabin
I found this rather sophisticated vending machine in a supermarket car park. The supermarket has a huge dairy produce section, but for those traditionalists who prefer their milk and yoghurts raw or unpasteurised this is the place to go to. The milk is bought by the litre and you can either fill your own bottles or buy an empty bottle to fill. Soft cheeses and natural yoghurt are available from the refrigerated cabinet on the left. The name, address and telephone number of the local farmer who keeps it stocked is clearly displayed. The price that the supermarkets pay to the farmers for milk is often in the news with the farmers protesting they are left out of pocket. Buying from this machine ensures you are buying locally and paying a fair price directly to the farmer. 

French Village Diaries #AllAboutFrance blog linky France mobile library
Car park library
All our local bus stops have a small box of books attached to the bench. Books can be taken, donated, exchanged or just read while you are waiting for the bus. I think this is a brilliant idea to encourage the children waiting for the school bus to read more.

French Village Diaries #AllAboutFrance blog linky France public toilets
Car park convenience
This has to be my favourite public toilet ever. Found in a car park in France it has been lovingly decorated to become a work of art and brought a smile to my face.

French Village Diaries #AllAboutFrance blog linky France farmer protests
A farmer protest at the supermarket
French farmers know how to protest and are firm believers of 'actions speak louder than words'. This heap of farmyard manure, dumped in a supermarket car park, is what happens when they feel they are being exploited.

As you can see a car park in France is so much more than a place to leave your car. Have you ever spotted anything unusual in a French car park? 

Happy eating, drinking, reading, painting and protesting - happy days in France.

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