Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Free and discounted ebooks 1st March

French Village Diaries free and discounted ebooks

Here is my selection of ebooks on kindle UK promotion for today. Prices correct at time of posting, however they may not remain on promotion for long. Happy reading.

FREE Song at Dawn: 1150 in Provence (The Troubadours Quartet) by Jean Gill. An historical novel by an author whose memoir How Blue Is My Valley I enjoyed.

FREE Servants of Infamy by J S Malpas, a novel set during the Hundred Years' War between England and France.

FREE A Parrot in My Soup by Andy Frazier, a very funny look at the author's life in rural France. Read my review here.

FREE Who the Heck is Auntie Florette? the second book from Andy Frazier's life in France.

FREE That's easy for you to say! by Andy Frazier. Another humorous instalment of his life.

FREE Bender at the Bon Parisien (A Novel) by Pres Maxson. A mystery set in a Parisian bar. I've not read this yet, but I've downloaded it.

Reduced by 33% to only £1.99 Chocolat by Joanne Harris. I am a big fan of all of Joanne's books, especially this one. The film is great, the book better.

Reduced by 24% to only £1.99 Sell the Pig: a travel tale with a twist (The Sell The Pig Series Book 1) the first memoir by Tottie Limejuice that takes us through her reasons for moving to France and house hunting with her Mother and Brother. You can read my review here.

Reduced by 30% to £2.25 a brand new release Flowers of Flanders: Book 1 'The Strong Sisters' trilogy by Ros Rendle.


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