Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Book review of Curious Histories of Provence by Margo Lestz

French Village Diaries review Curious Histories of Provence Margo Lestz
Curious Histories of Provence by Margo Lestz

My review today is for Curious Histories of Provence, the new release from Margo Lestz.

This book will teach you interesting facts about Provençal customs, traditions and history as well as give you ideas about what to see and where to go while in Provence. You will meet monsters, dragons and saints, gypsies, bulls and white horses plus learn about kings, Gardians and scholars. And that’s just a selection of what is on offer! 

For a short break in Provence, this is the only guidebook you will need. It is quick and easy to read; so a perfect choice to get you into the mood for your holiday in Provence if you’re lucky enough to have one planned. If not, you will at least feel like you’ve been there. It’s also an entertaining and informative read that will ensure you want to return to Provence to discover all it has to offer.

Curious Histories of Provence is available in paperback and ebook format and links to Amazon can be found below. 

You can read my review of French Holidays and Traditions, Margo’s first book here.

Margo’s blog The CuriousRambler can be found here and is always a good read.

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