Friday, December 9, 2022

Advent Day Nine - addicted to gloves

French Village Diaries advent day nine addicted to gloves
Just some of my glove/mitten collection

Advent Day 9

I think I might have a bit of a glove addiction. Once again, we found ourselves out shopping today. I know for many, this would be considered a treat and a great way to spend the day, but I am not a shopper. Next week is shaping up to be a busy week, with five days’ work in the calendar for Adrian and something different every day for me, so stocking up on food was a necessity that couldn’t be avoided and with Christmas on the horizon, we did a bit of browsing around too. 


The first shop we found ourselves in was the sports chain Decathlon, as they had a promotion on some must-have gloves. This week has seen our temperatures drop to 0º, with crisp frosty mornings and icy winds that cut right through you. We both suffer with cold fingers when cycling in the winter and mine especially don’t need it to be that cold before the Raynaud’s kicks in and my blood refuses to flow to my fingertips. These deathly yellow digits are no use whatsoever. They can’t grip the handlebars, squeeze the brakes, or do anything useful, and they hurt.

French Village Diaries advent day nine addicted to gloves
My new glove/mitten combos


I have thin under gloves, thermal gloves, thick padded gloves, chunky hand-knitted mittens, fingerless gloves, and silly gloves. Sometimes I wear more than one pair of gloves at a time and the fingerless ones are great indoors. What I didn’t have, until today, was thick, warm glove/mitten combos. These beauties are fingerless gloves with a fold-over mitten top and will be just perfect on bike rides. The mittens will keep my fingers toasty and warm, but if I need to my fingers to take a photo, I won’t have to keep taking my gloves on and off. In extreme cold, I can even wear my thermal under gloves as well and they have a clever magnet to keep the mitten top from flapping back.

In French a glove is un gant (a masculine word), but a pair of gloves is une paire de gants as the word for pair is feminine. 


Stay warm this weekend, my friends. We are hoping to get a bit of cycling in as we both have a few more kilometres to ride to meet our year end targets, but at least we’ll have warm fingers.



  1. How interesting! I almost always have a set of handwarmers under my mittens or gloves -- except for the super heavy! Very interesting!

    1. Handwarmers take me right back almost 30 years watching a boyfriend play football and having those heat pads to put in my gloves.


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