Sunday, April 7, 2013

Silent Sunday

The temperatures may not be quite as high as we would like, which is certainly slowing down the vegetable seedlings, but Spring is on it's way, I have proof. Here are a few photos from the garden and out and about this week. I hope the sun shines for all of us this week.

French village diaries silent sunday photos spring wild flowers
Wild flowers in the spring sunshine

French village diaries silent sunday photos peach blossom
Peach blossom

silent sunday french village diaries photos hazelnut spring
First signs of life for the Hazelnut

french village diaries silent sunday photos spring pine
Baby pine cones

silent sunday photos french village diaries spring plum blossom
Plum blossom

Silent sunday photos wild garlic pesto french village diaries
Wild garlic washed and ready for pesto making


  1. The early flowers and the buds thrill me. Can't wait for spring. Hope you'll play along with my Dreaming of France meme today.

  2. Oh, heavy sigh. You are so much further along than we are in Michigan. How lovely! Nice to visit.
    Jeanie (The Marmelade Gypsy)

    1. I am so glad I took these photos at the weekend as it has been horrible weather here today Jeanie.

  3. I'm thrilled to have found your blog, via your Dreaming of France link. What a beautiful world you live in. I'm so excited to see signs of the French spring this year, as I will be visiting in summer, and know that France is getting ready to greet us.... That wild garlic looks amazing, I'm sure it would make a beautiful pesto.

    1. Thank you Louise. The pesto is delicious, made another batch last night with a couple of hot chillies added, it packs a real punch!


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