Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It has been a funny month

It's been a funny old month. Four weeks ago Ed had just started his two week winter holiday, Ade was working in the UK and the weather here in France was lovely. I was busy preparing and packing for a weeks skiing in the Pyrenees with Ade's parents. It was an exciting week with lots to look forward to.

Three weeks ago and we were in the Pyrenees, the sun had just appeared after a snowy and cloudy weekend, but Ade's parents had unfortunately already left for the UK. His Nana had suffered a stroke and her final chapter of life was drawing to a close. The mood was subdued, but the lovely town of Luchon and it's friendly people were doing their best for us. The accommodation issues we had encountered just before leaving home (see here) were almost resolved and Ed and Ade were having lots of 'man' time together up the mountain. It was a week that didn't go to plan, but we made the best of it, as Nana would have wanted.

Pyrenees Luchon French village diaries skiing superbagneres
Superbagneres Pyrenees

Two weeks ago and things were quite hectic. There was a mountain of post-ski washing to do, the dog needed a vet appointment, the courgette and tomato seeds needed sowing, Gizmo the Mini Cooper needed attention to get through his CT (MOT) and we were packing again for a return to UK.

A week ago we were in UK spending time with family and preparing for Ade's Nana's funeral. Despite the obvious sadness of the event it was also a bonus 'family' week. We had time together and made the most of it. For Ed this meant clothes shopping with Grandparents, playtime with his young cousins, ten pin bowling, meals out, baths (no such luxury here) and late nights. I was also able to enjoy a spot of retail therapy and even had time to meet a friend for coffee. Despite not having seen each other for years, coffee was just as chatty as when we used to meet daily with our prams and babies too.

French village diaries families
Last Christmas with Nana

This week, life is back to normal, whatever that is. There is another mountain of washing awaiting my attention, but the weather isn't great for drying. On the plus side the first courgettes have germinated, which is almost as exciting as seeing the return of the first swallow. Spring and its promise of growth and new life is almost here and there is certainly lots to do in the garden. We'll always have fond memories of Nana and her lovely send-off that was a true family occasion and celebration of her 89 years. Let the cycle of life continue.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Nana. I love reading about your adventures.


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