Sunday, March 3, 2013

Silent Sunday

There is a time for blogging and a time for being with family, so I hope you will forgive the lack of posts this week as we have been away. We are now home safe and sound from a week in the Pyrenees mountains. It has not been a normal family ski holiday and has been quite an emotional week, but more of that to follow later. For today here are some of the cheese highlights of our week. If you do nothing else in the Pyrenees you must try their cheeses.

French village diaries silent Sunday cheese
Le Moulis Cremier a delicious raw cows milk cheese, soft, creamy and very flavoursome

French Village Diaries Cheese Silent Sunday
Brebis (sheeps milk cheese) savoury cake starter

French village diaries silent Sunday cheese
Homemade chutney (never leave home without it) makes a perfect accompaniment to wine and mountain cheese 

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