Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Love Hate Relationship with Skiing

Skiing was something I first agreed to in 1996 as my boyfriend at the time, who was a sporty type, really wanted to give it a try. We had a good friend who skied every year in a group organised by his parents so we arranged to join them. This turned out to be the first ever holiday with my inlaws as our friend is now my husband!

French Village diaries ski holiday Pyrenees
Skiing in my 20's - not a cool look

Skiing and I have a love hate relationship. I would love to be good at it, love to feel the excitement as I swoosh effortlessly down the pistes, looking elegant and laughing joyously with Ade as I go (cue hysterical laughter from Ade as he reads this bit). However it is not like that at all. I struggled to begin with to feel comfortable and stay upright and pure fear rather than excitement is how I feel when going fast under any mode of transport, especially downhill on skis. I'm sure Ade's parents must have wondered who this unfit, whinging, hopeless skier was, but they were too nice to say anything.

Ade is a superb skier and was also very patient with me on my first few ski trips. I am not a natural sports person and apart from a love of yoga in the last five years and road biking in the last two years, the only sport I was good at as a kid was swimming. Skiing and I didn't hit it off well. After throwing a huge hissy fit in 1997 and stomping out of ski school on day one Ade became my personal ski instructor. In fact I don't think anyone else in the world would have had the patience to get me down the mountain. His Mum and Dad were always waiting at the bottom with a vin chaud or a hot chocolate as my reward. While love never blossomed on the ski slopes we certainly learned a lot about each other and I'm sure if I hadn't gone skiing all those years ago I wouldn't be the person (or wife) I am now, or be living the life I'm now living and writing about. For that, skiing, I thank you.

French village diaries skiing holiday France
Skiing in my 30's - an improvement

French village diaries skiing Pyrenees holidays France
Ed and Ade on the slopes
Now, after an eleven year break, I am older, fitter, slimmer and more confident and was up for giving skiing another chance, despite feeling no need to conquer mountains just because I am in my 40’s. My heart did leap a little as Ade and Ed skied off out of sight, on what looked to me a seriously steep black run, (Ed assured me it was a green) but I know Ed couldn't have been in safer hands. I'm pleased to say Ed skis far more like his Dad than me and they both had a great time on the slopes. As for me there is always next year as I think we will try to make it a regular holiday. I doubt I will ever be a great ski partner for Ade, but maybe Ed will.

French Village diaries skiing holidays France Luchon Pyrenees
Ed looking cool!

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