Monday, March 23, 2015

Book review of A Spell in Provence by Marie Laval

French Village Diaries A Spell in Provence Marie Laval book review
A Spell in Provence Marie Laval
My review today is for A Spell in Provence by Marie Laval.

Wow, what a page-turner! I was spell bound by this dramatic read from the very first chapter. I started reading on an afternoon and I had to force myself to stop a few chapters from the end, as it was already way past my bedtime. It was a book that had to be read to conclusion and even then it played on my mind long after I’d finished reading it.

Set in a small town in Provence, we meet Amy Carter at the start of a new adventure. Following her redundancy, she leaves the UK and uses all her savings to restore a run down farmhouse, Bellefontaine, and fulfil her dream of running it as a small and friendly guesthouse. Although she has made a few friends, not everyone in the village is pleased to see her and at times she feels very alone, especially when strange things keep happening to her and the house. She is determined, strong and although the village stories about centuries old religious practises on her land intrigue her, she is not about to believe them or be intimidated by them.

Her neighbour, Fabien Coste is a very important landowner whose family history is surrounded in local mystery and who Amy tries to distance herself from, but with little success. When things go wrong he always seems to be just around the corner offering her help and advice and although falling in love was never in her plan she finds it hard to fight her feelings. There is passion, mystery, dark goings on, history, myth and fantasy all woven into Amy’s new life. When she learns of mysterious but deadly links between the men from the Coste family and the ladies of Bellefontaine she is determined to investigate the past, but at what cost to her future?

A Spell in Provence is available in ebook format for only £1.99 and a link to Amazon can be found below.

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