Sunday, March 22, 2015

My patisserie challenge, gland Grand Marnier

French Village Diaries patisserie challenge gland Grand Marnier boulangerie
My patisserie challenge, gland Grand Marnier

Welcome to my patisserie challenge. This year I have decided to buy something different from our village boulangerie every Sunday and to enjoy the simple pleasure of treating myself each week. My choice today is an odd looking one, that has a strange name and if I’m honest neither the look or the name were instantly appealing.

I give you the rather glowing ‘gland’. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to eat anything called a gland, but when I discovered it is actually named after the gland de chêne, or acorn, I felt a little better about trying it, despite its luminosity. It is an acorn shaped choux bun, filled with a Grand Marnier flavoured crème patissiere and then brightly iced (can be either green or pink), with a half coating of chocolate chips, to represent the acorn cup. Now I know these facts I can see it, but I have to say it wasn’t initially obvious. In some boulangeries the flavour of the crème patissiere, which can be natural, Grand Marnier, Kirsch or Rum flavoured, determines the colour of the icing, but although I had the choice of green or pink, they were all the same flavour here. Despite the vivid looks I did enjoy it, the alcohol flavour wasn’t too strong and I found it helped to cut through the sweetness. It was delicious accompanied by an espresso coffee.

Can you see that it’s an acorn and would you give it a try?

Don’t forget to join me next week to see my next choice from Bernadette at the boulangerie

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