Friday, November 6, 2020

Lockdown diaries, day eight

French Village lockdown Diaries
A sunny selfie in the garden at lunchtime

Day eight, Friday 6th November 2020

It was one of those lovely days weatherwise today. The cold wind from the east has gone, but the sunshine and blue sky remained, giving us a warm day of 18º. Now the lawn is nicely mowed and the table in its winter position up by the house, we enjoyed morning coffee and lunch in the garden, and it felt good. I’ll be very happy if we can have more days like this before the real cold of winter hits.


In normal times it would have been a day to down tools and set off on the bikes for an autumn ride. Today we had to make do with an eighteen-kilometre shopping trip, which was certainly better than nothing, and not without its excitement. As we approached a junction with a stop sign, Adrian was a little way ahead of me, stopped, checked it was clear and shouted back that all was good. As I could hear the roar of motorbike engines coming up behind me, I didn’t hang around and after a cursory glance to the left, turned right. It was at this point I noticed the motorbikes were Gendarmes who weren’t too pleased with me for not stopping at a stop sign. They followed me around the roundabout and into the supermarket carpark. I know the rules of the road, and that they apply to me on a bike or in a car, and I felt very lucky that this time all I got was a ticking off rather than a fine. Lesson learned.

French Village lockdown Diaries
Making a start on covering the pink gloss


The decorating is coming along nicely and after three coats of white, the deep pink gloss on the laundry room door has almost disappeared. Yes, you did read that right, deep pink gloss. What is more is that the walls in the laundry room have also been painted in the same pink gloss paint and covering them in something lighter and brighter will be quite a task. As I’ve still not summoned the energy to clear out the contents of the room, it's not one we will be tackling just yet. At least all the doors and doorways on the landings are now finished. I predict our weekend will include wallpaper paste, wallpaper and lots of fun as we try not to make too much mess or trip over each other, or the stepladder, in the narrow space. Wish us luck!


With lockdown now spreading in Europe, I hope that wherever you are and whatever restrictions you have, you still manage to have a great weekend.

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