Sunday, November 8, 2020

Lockdown diaries, day ten, looking for the positives

French Village Lockdown Diaries looking for the positives
A perfect autumn day for a bike ride

Day ten, Sunday 8th November 2020

Looking for the positives

I need more days like today please weather gods, if you happen to be reading this. It may have been a moist and misty start as I walked to the boulangerie for the breakfast croissants and pain au chocolat, but it quickly warmed up to become a glorious sunny, autumn day. 


In an ideal world it would have been a day to take off for a long, leisurely bike ride, packing a lunch and a slice of the apple and walnut cake I baked this morning (while Adrian was busy painting ceilings) and seeing how far we could get. 

French Village Lockdown Diaries looking for the positives
Cycling to the recycling 


With lockdown we were limited, but having lunched in the garden, we loaded the recycling into the bike bags and set off, as far as the bins at the edge of the village. With the papers and brochures I cleared out the other day off on the next stage of their life, we added in a few loops of the village, a small climb and a lovely run through a tree-lined lane. It might only have been an hour, but just being out in the fresh air and feeling the sun on our faces was priceless. 


French Village Lockdown Diaries looking for the positives
Ed's new mic

Whilst we were enjoying the outdoors, Ed was busy in the music room. The other day the boys took delivery of a rather large parcel which has ensured they are now both wired for sound, for their different needs. For Adrian, a smart desk microphone will mean a clear sound quality when he is running an online course and for Ed, a new recording mic for his music. One is a business investment, as for now the only chance of work is online, the other will certainly enhance Ed’s lockdown experience. 


French Village Lockdown Diaries looking for the positives
Adrian's new mic

I think they both look suitably stylish (my men as well as their mics) to enhance the décor in the new office/music room, even if all I got was the box to play with. I’m so pleased with the finished room, as it has become a really nice space to work and create in, and one I’m happy using for my writing too, when I get a chance. If we hadn’t had the pandemic, lockdown number one, or the massive shift in Adrian’s work that these caused, I am pretty sure we wouldn’t have found the motivation or need to re-evaluate the house and begin to make it work better for our needs. There may not be many positives to Covid-19, but I have to credit it for this.

French Village Lockdown Diaries looking for the positives

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