Thursday, November 26, 2020

Lockdown Diaries, day twenty-eight, Giving thanks

French Village Lockdown Diaries day twenty-eight giving thanks
Thankful for our moules frites

Day twenty-eight, Thursday 26th November 2020


Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating today, even if your normal plans are out the window this year. I’m not American, have never celebrated Thanksgiving, or even eaten pumpkin pie, and it’s only thanks to blogs and social media that I’ve come to understand it a bit more. I think this year, more than any, we have a lot to be thankful for, even those of us whose families have lost loved ones. We won’t be tucking into a roast turkey and all the trimmings tonight, but we will certainly take a moment over our moules frites to give thanks for the good things in our life this year. 

French Village Lockdown Diaries day twenty-eight giving thanks cycling family
Thankful for the memories we've made on the bikes this year


I’m certainly thankful of having the bikes, the fitness and good health to be able to ride them, and the time available to get out on them. They have made such a difference to our lives this year and I can't imagine how we would have got through the last eight months without them. Not only have they given us access to the great outdoors and a way to exercise in the fresh air, they have also given us a focus and the means to set ourselves challenges too. Whether it’s been local rides with Ed and Pearl, restaurant rides with our friends, or holidays just the two of us further afield, we’ve certainly made some great memories. We lost our nephew Ben to suicide during the first lockdown and I’ve found there was something quite healing about pushing myself on the bike, as I climbed mountains I never realised I was capable of. When all I could hear was my breathing and I could feel my heart pounding, it reminded me how precious life and being alive really is. 

French Village Lockdown Diaries day twenty-eight giving thanks cycling
The stunning scenery of the Pyrenees

Being surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery as I climbed was pretty special too.


French Village Lockdown Diaries day twenty-eight giving thanks friends
Thankful for great friends

I’m also thankful for the friends I’ve made here in France. The ones who are there no matter what the problem, the ones who’ve cycled with us, the ones I’ve sung my heart out alongside (usually after a wine or two) and the ones who have taken the time to help me improve my French. My eighty-year-old neighbour Pierrette certainly falls into the latter category, even if things are running a bit late here today thanks to a lengthy, gossipy phone call with her. It’s not quite the same as our early natters on Sunday mornings as we strolled to the boulangerie together pre-Covid-19, but it’s better than nothing.


I know it has been a tough year in many ways for a lot of people, but I hope you can think of something that you are thankful for too. 


  1. Oh, I would much prefer Moules Frites to turkey! I'm so glad you honored our holiday of thanks, even if not your own. Yes, life has its issues these days, but there is much for which to be grateful.

    1. Thanks Jeanie, maybe we could start a new moules frites Thanksgiving tradition?


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