Saturday, November 7, 2020

Lockdown diaries, day nine, the butterfly

French village lockdown diaries decorating
Goodbye grotty wallpaper

Day nine, Saturday 7th November 2020

The decorating got off to a wobbly start this morning, mainly because preparing and painting the ceilings is something we have both been putting off. I found myself busy putting the bins out, cleaning the bathrooms, dusting the lounge and bedroom and then finding the urge to take another look at the discarded pile of books and tourist information brochures that I put aside to sort through a few weeks ago, but never quite got around to completing. 


Adrian had washed the bikes yesterday, but this morning was once again in the garage, tinkering, fixing a tyre valve and carrying out the regular maintenance on the chains, sprockets and other bits I know very little about.


French village lockdown diaries decorating
Starting on the ceilings

Once we’d had lunch, however, there were no more excuses and while the ceilings got some much needed attention from Adrian, he is after all considerably taller than I am, I crept into the nook between the chimney breast and toilet door to take off the last of the wallpaper. This corner is normally home to a custom-made shelf unit that has been useful but under appreciated by us for over sixteen years. It is only now we have realised how clever the design is. We assumed, as the wallpaper behind it was even older than the old stuff we’ve lived with for far too long, that it was fixed to the wall and would be going nowhere. In fact, it is two ladder side supports and six shelves that once in place cleverly holds itself together with no further fixings. Even the ladder section is pegged rather than screwed together. It is currently sitting in the garage where Adrian has carefully painted it all, and now the ancient paper behind has gone and we are one step closer to new wallpaper, we can’t wait to welcome it back in its new eye-catching livery. 


It is on days like today that my butterfly traits are only too obvious. Clearing out books, sorting through stuff, decorating, whatever the task is, there seems to be a pattern; I’ve started but don’t expect me to finish. I cast my eye over a room or a to-do list, see an area that needs attention, get all fired up about what needs to be done, visualise how it will look when it’s done, make a start and then progress slows right down. I either find it difficult to part with things or realise I’m drowning and becoming overwhelmed by the task, so off I flit like a butterfly to find something else to do. Please tell me I’m not alone in this and if you have any tips to help me achieve a goal or finish a project, do let me know.

French village lockdown diaries home cooking
Ed's homemade turkey and crème fraiche pasta dish


Last night Ed cooked his turkey and crème fraiche pasta meal which was a real treat and delicious enough to persuade him to take control of my kitchen once a week. Tonight, I’m back in charge and it’s homemade pizza night, a firm weekly favourite.


  1. I am definitely a butterfly too. Recognised and winced at everything you said. Me too!

    1. Thank you! I'm so relieved I'm not the only one out there. Stay safe xx


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