Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lockdown diaries, day twenty-one, benefits of shopping locally

French Village Lockdown Diaries day twenty-one benefits of shopping locally
Mussels, eggs and honey

Day twenty-one, Thursday 19th November 2020


I thought as a family we had all embraced the mostly vegetarian way of eating that our diet has evolved into this year. It seems I may have misjudged things slightly. The frisson of excitement that passed around the dining table as Adrian and Ed tucked into their meatballs yesterday, was quite something. Maybe this winter I should relax the rules and add in a few more meaty treats for them.


Beaujolais Nouveau

There were quite a few firsts to celebrate today, including Beaujolais Nouveau Day, the day the first 2020 wines from the Beaujolais region, just south of Burgundy, are released for sale. We will be buying ourselves a bottle or two, as we do every year, usually by selecting the label we find the most appealing, but heading out to Chef Boutonne today, just to buy a bottle of wine, would that really be classed as essential shopping? This being France, probably yes, but we can wait until tomorrow.


First thing this morning we had our usual Thursday morning natter with the small group of seafood lovers who join us, whatever the weather, as we await the moules and oyster lady. Then it was off to the egg farm for our weekly dozen eggs and our first jar of local honey too. Here we bumped into another friend from the village and enjoyed a good old catch up with him. It is only when we see someone by chance, like this morning, that I realise how much I miss the conversations with my French friends. This time last year I was still on the village council, attending regular meetings, as well as involved in a number of associations who got together weekly. It’s sadly all a bit different now, but at least shopping close to home has provided the added and unexpected benefit of social encounters too. The first thing we did when we got home, even before the moules were put in the fridge, was open the honey and dip in a spoon. It is the colour of summer sunshine with a delicate floral taste and will help to brighten up our winter. 


French Village Lockdown Diaries day twenty-one benefits of shopping locally veggie box
My first local veggie box from Espoir Nature

This afternoon we were back out on the bikes to pick up our first veggie box from Espoir Nature, that I’d ordered online yesterday morning. My six choices this week were a kilo each of carrots, leeks and turnips, half a kilo of shallots, three heads of garlic and a local goat cheese. That will certainly keep my soup pot happy, and to celebrate reaching the end of another week, the goat cheese should go well with a glass or two of Beaujolais Nouveau tomorrow night. 

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