Sunday, December 13, 2015

Advent day thirteen, Christmas trees

French Village Diaries advent Christmas trees
Mistletoe at Christmas

It is almost the middle of December and I think I'm all Christmas tree'd out. I love trees and think there is something quite special about the shape of trees in winter, especially when they are naturally decorated with mistletoe, but I have to admit I find putting up our musty artificial tree a real chore. 

French Village Diaries advent Christmas trees
Handmade Christmas trees
This year I have spent quite a bit of time decorating trees, lots of trees, but not our tree. As well as the original handmade trees that a team of volunteers have been busy producing in our village (see more here), we have also been turning pine branches into street Christmas trees that we have tied to the lamp posts.

French Village Diaries advent Christmas trees
Decorated Christmas branches
Making them festive with donated baubles and empty boxes wrapped in metallic paper that we are hoping will survive the winter weather.
French Village Diaries advent Christmas trees
Village decorations
They have certainly brightened up the village, but they have zapped all my decorating energy. This year our tree will stay in it's box, but I've come up with another idea for our lounge. I've discovered the rather addictive craft that is book folding and a small forest of book trees has sprung up, each one individually decorated with tiny cut outs from old Christmas cards. I've even made us a Nativity Scene, and as someone who is probably one of the least creative or arty people on the planet, I'm really quite pleased with what I have achieved.

French Village Diaries advent Christmas trees
My 2016 Christmas trees

My book choice today (on a tree theme) is Ten Trees and a Truffle Dog by Jamie Ivey, the tale of Jamie and his wife putting down roots in Provence and attempting to settle into a happy and calm family life. I also really enjoyed Jamie's first memoir Extremely Pale Rosé where Provence and her wines take a hold of Jamie and become an important part of his life, but for many years I struggled to find books two and three in the series. This year has seen an exciting development as for the first time all three books in his Rosé series are now available in ebook format.

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