Thursday, December 24, 2015

Book review for One Night in Paris by Juliette Sobanet

Welcome to the final day of my #FrenchVillageBookworm advent calendar. I can’t believe that we have reached the evening of the 24th and in a few hours it will be time to welcome Christmas Day. I’ve just remembered buying a few presents back in October, but can I find them to wrap them? No! So much for thinking I was more organised than usual. If time travel were a real option, how many of you would like the chance to have a few extra hours today?

French Village Bookworm Advent Calendar review One Night in Paris Juliette Sobanet
Day 24 French Village Bookworm advent calendar

My review today is for One Night in Paris (A Short Story) by Juliette Sobanet, a short time travel novel by one of my favourite romance writers.

Successful but unhappy, Ella drops everything to fly to Paris to be at her frail grandmother’s bedside, hoping she will make it before it’s too late. Her grandmother’s final wish is that Ella puts on one of the dresses she has kept from her past and make her a promise to save a friend she had lost years before. Ella humours the old lady, puts on the dress and suddenly finds herself in Paris, in 1927. With time against her, can she save Lucie, what other (romantic) adventures are in store for her and how will she get back to her old life? It could be that fulfilling this wish changes things for more than one character in the book.

This book gave me a perfect, quick escape and as expected Juliette’s writing brought the sights and smells of Paris alive, from smoky jazz clubs to fragrant patisserie shops. It wasn’t difficult to imagine myself in Paris and in love, although Juliette does visit some dark places too.

It may be Christmas, but as this is only a short story, I recommend a glass of mulled wine and a quiet sit down for a few minutes to enjoy a mini-break to Paris. Especially as this book is available in ebook format for less than £1.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and all my best wishes for 2016. Thank you for reading and commenting on my French Village Diaries.

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