Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Book review of How Blue is my Valley by Jean Gill

Welcome to day 22 of my French village bookworm advent calendar. My review today is for How Blue is my Valley by Jean Gill, a memoir about her move from Wales to the south of France.
French Village Diaries book review How Blue is my Valley Jean Gill
How Blue is my Valley
My first impressions were good, the cover is beautiful and anyone who starts her book talking about feeding her toilet with such delights as live yoghurt (flush) and whole chickens (don't flush) has well and truly grabbed my attention. As the book moved on the narration wandered with her mind from France to Wales and wherever else she seemed to think of. This was a little quirky but I found it interesting in that it added the background to how they found themselves in France in a property with water and plumbing issues. I found some of the sentences were a little long, which necessitated in me taking a breath halfway through, but this is still a funny account of their first year in France.

I was lucky enough to pick up the kindle version when it was on promotion for less than a £1 and felt I had my money’s worth long before I reached the end of the book. How Blue is my Valley is available in ebook and paperback format and links to Amazon can be found below.

You can follow Jean on Facebook, Twitter and find her website here.

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